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Your one stop solution to all things related to business finance. Our Flagship program Know Your Numbers offers great value addition to any business owner. At the end of this course you will overcome your fear of finance and have compete control over your finance

30 Hours of recorded videos
Online – Live Guidance for all topics
Questions for Practice
121 Feedback on your statement of accounts
121 Guidance on relevant government schemes you can use
Life Long Doubt Clearance
Your accountant gets free access to our advanced course for accountants
Access to Budget amendments that are relevant for business owners
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But, why should you get it?

Good question- but can I ask you - why shouldn’t you get in?

Would It Hurt You If:

  • Confidence is the most important trait of a business person. But, lack of financial knowledge affects the confidence of many entrepreneurs. Overcome it
  • This course has a very simple and scientific approach in communicating key business finance concepts. At the end of the course you will have complete knowledge about Finance & Accounting, GST, Income Tax, TDS, Banking, ESI, PF, Financial Statements, Financial Ratios, Ledger Scrutiny etc
  • More than 1000 entrepreneurs from top brands like Suguna Chicken, Chennai silks etc have successfully completed the course and have become a pro in Business Finance
  • You will get a 121 session with CA Prabhu Kesavan where he gives feedback based on your financial statements, government schemes you can leverage and key processes you can follow
  • Scaling of any business is dependent on your ability to raise funds. This course shall help you keep your books of accounts bankable
  • You get life long access to the community, Mr Prabhu Kesavan and his team shall clear your doubts

Truth is that most Indians

  • Most Indian business people do not have knowledge about finance during the start of their business journey. It is after several mistakes, bad experience and several thousand penalty paid, they acquire the knowledge that too partially
  • Business is nothing but value creation – We create value for the customers, employees, vendors and government (through our taxes) . The government delivers its value indirectly through infrastructure development and policies and directly through schemes specifically targeted for MSMEs. But 70% of the entrepreneurs are not aware of the scheme they can use. Each of these schemes can save you several lakhs throughout your business journey
  • Most entrepreneurs do not budget or do not have a structured way to plan their finances. Post this course, you will be able to use your budget template to do all of these
  • When people enter their family business, their lack of financial knowledge puts them at a disadvantage. You can address the same using this course

But not you - because you trust in Accopedia school of accounting and finance

 I don’t believe in making 10 accounting courses and asking you to invest in them every time.
In this course - we will cover it all - every bit of business accounting knowledge an entrepreneur needs - AND how to practically implement it - all under one roof - now at a 40% Discounted Rate!

What you will learn in 100 hours?

11 Modules
28 Lessons

Module 1

Accounts Basics

  • Concepts
  • Basic Accounting Terms
  • Accounting Entries
  • Systematic Ledger Scrutiny
  • World of Tally

Module 2

GST Matters

  • GST Concepts
  • Invoice Preparation
  • GST Accounting, GST Returns

Module 3

Know Your Tax Laws

  • Basic Income Tax Rules which you should know
  • TDS& TCS

Module 4

Bank Finance - Opportunities for Growth

  • How to Borrow from Banks
  • How to mange your bank loans
  • Types of Bank Finance - CC/OD/PC/BD

Module 5

Understanding Business

  • Buisness Ownership- Proprietor, Partnership
  • Net Working Capital (NWC) Concepts
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • MIS Dashboaard

Module 6

Understanding Financial Statements

  • Analysis of Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Using Ratio Analysis

Module 7

Labour Laws

  • ESI & PF

Module 8

Audit & Compliance

  • Preparing for Audits by Auditors
  • Management by Calendar of Due Dates

Module 9


  • Types of Insurance
  • Contents/Clauses of Policy
  • Precautions in Terms & Conditions

Module 10

Looking Beyond

  • Wealth Management - Savings & Investment

Module 11

How to Prevent Frauds in your Company

  • Fraud Prone areas in business
  • Effective Petty Cash Management


What you will get?

  • Join India's Top Accounting training Institute
  • 100 Hours Course Content
  • Learn Anytime, Anywhere
  • Guaranteed Best Pricing from the Market
  • Instant WhatsApp Support
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Here’s what our Current Students have to say...

by 1,000+ students*

This course has been invaluable in helping me understand the practical aspects of accounting. Mr Prabu has been a wonderful tutor. I feel much more confident in my ability to manage financial accounts thanks to this training.

Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari
Accountant, Megno

Mr Prabu and his team are knowledgeable and experienced, and they do an excellent job of explaining complex accounting concepts in simple terms. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their accounting skills.

Mr. CV Arun
MD, cv ghee, Coimbatore

The course materials are well-organized and easy to follow. I appreciate the practical focus of the training, which has given me the tools I need to succeed in my accounting career.

Dr Jeeva Selvaraj
MBBS, DGO, DNB (O&G), Gynaecologist

I was able to apply what I learned in this course immediately to my work as an accountant. The training has been extremely helpful in improving my efficiency and accuracy on the job. Mr Prabu has put in a lot of effort and time in constructing such a beautiful course

Dr. Selvaraj
Prof of physiatrist MBBS, DGO, MD (psych), DNB (psych)
Vazhikatti mental health centre and research institute coimbatore

I appreciate the emphasis on real-world examples and case studies in this course. It has helped me understand how accounting principles apply in actual business situations.

Mr. Balavishnu
Founder TechnoTackle, coimbatore

The course is structured in a way that is easy to understand, even for those with no prior accounting experience. The instructors are patient and supportive, and they make learning accounting fun and engaging.

Mrs Jyothi Parthiban

This course has exceeded my expectations in every way. It has given me a solid foundation in accounting principles and practical skills that will serve me well throughout my career.

Mrs. Vidya Rani

I appreciate the focus on hands-on training in this course. The practical exercises and assignments have been instrumental in helping me understand and apply accounting concepts in real-world scenarios.

Mr Palaniappan Nelliyan
Founder stratworks coimbatore

Are You Wondering..?

The Know Your Number course is a 100-hour online course available on the Accopedia App designed to provide practical training in finance for business owners. The course covers all the key topics related to finance, including balance sheet, GST, income tax, and many more.

The course duration is 100 hours, and it is self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own speed.

No prior experience is required to join the course. The course is designed for business owners who want to learn about finance and accounting.

Yes, there will be two weekly live sessions with instructors. You can attend these sessions to get your doubts cleared and receive guidance from the instructors.

Yes, the course offers 100 hours of recorded content, covering practical aspects of finance and accounting. The course includes several questionnaires to assess the knowledge of the student and help them evaluate their learning.

Yes, we offer lifelong support to our students. You can reach out to us anytime with your queries or doubts, and we will provide you with the required assistance. Additionally, you will receive one-to-one sessions to help you understand your company's financial documents.

Yes, upon completion of the course, you will receive a certification of completion from Accopedia.

The course covers all the key topics related to finance, including balance sheet, GST, income tax, and many more. It is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of finance and accounting for business owners.

Yes, you will have lifetime access to the course materials, even after completing the course. You can refer to the course materials anytime in the future to refresh your knowledge.

We will communicate updates on amendments to laws through our WhatsApp newsletter. You will receive regular updates to keep you informed about any changes that may impact your business.